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Bringing Your Business Ideas to Life


IMPACT BUSINESS HUB + COWORKING is a division of IMPACT STRATEGIC GROUP INC. (IMPACT) in Brampton, Ontario.  IMPACT is a business growth and development consultancy firm that helps start-ups, small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and new entrepreneurs propel their ventures to new heights. IMPACT guides you beyond possibility into practice and profit. We equip you with the know-how and provide support to implement learned business strategies and skills.

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Specialising in complex problem solving, business start-up, growth and risk mitigation, IMPACT provides a one-stop solution for all your business needs. We do this while sparing you the

stress and costly mistakes that can derail even the most experienced business owner.

We position you to stand out in a fast-moving and crowded market by providing the tools necessary to carve out a lucrative niche. Also, we help you reach

your target market with a unique value proposition.

You learn how to foresee industry trends and utilise innovative technologies and strategies to optimise the growth and overall success of your business. We understand that profits and impact are not mutually exclusive. We encourage and guide business owners and corporations to lead with a sense of

purpose and responsibility to society.

Developing businesses that make an impact and give back to their communities is important to us, and it is our intention to lead by example. That is why we donate to Shiloh Christian Institute’s business program, which aids in the education of young people who are passionate about entrepreneurship. When you

work with us, you are making a commitment not only to your business but to the future of business as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us grow.

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What We Offer


Impact Strategic Group (IMPACT) was founded by multiple-award-winning entrepreneur Victoria A. Morgan as a solution for women-led start-ups, entrepreneurs, and new immigrants in the business sector. She wanted to help them set up, secure funding, and promote and grow their business.

Victoria is educated as a lawyer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University, a Bachelor of Laws from Coventry University, and a Master of Laws from the University of California Gould School of Law. Having worked at various law firms, Victoria understands the legal framework required to operate a successful business. She possesses strong business acumen and understands the challenges the new and existing small businesses face.

When she first ventured into business, there were very little resources. As a female, she was seldom taken seriously or regarded to be as capable as her male counterparts. Getting her first company off the ground was very challenging. Even though she highly depended on her local business center, the resources were just not sufficient or accessible to her at the time.

As a result, she became frustrated and felt as if she did not belong. She completed business courses to advance her knowledge. She gained hands-on experience and the confidence that she needed to propel herself into her current venture.

These challenges became her driving force to start Impact Strategic Group as a way to assist women entrepreneurs to have the resources to set up their business, secure funding, and promote their business.

IMPACT is proud to be a woman-led business for women entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs to help them start-up, develop their businesses, attain funding, and promote their products and services.

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